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  • Photos of Christian Ministry Titles

    These are some of our favorite titles...
    Custom Box with book and DVDusb dvd box packaging christian ministrydvd box with usb and book christian media production christian media production tall multidisc setChristian media publication tall multidisc dvd cd set4 cd multidisc set Christian media replicationMultidisc set Christian media publicationChristian media cd dvd set marriage truths class Christian dvd set marriage truthschristian media replication dvd cd set multidisc packaging
    christian cd book two discchristian media replication set multidisc 2cd
    2C book christian title media publication
    christian cd publishing 2cd book hardbound

  • Slipcases for Cd / Dvd Multi Disc and Book Sets

    Slipcases are a great way to bundle multiple volumes and / or books together. We can make them with regular paper stock (15/16pt on up to 21pt is commmon) or we can make a more rigid box set using chipboard and wrapping with linen or a leatherette material.Slipcase multidisc set Christian titleChristian medis publication multidisc set
    Slipcase 18pt stock with lamination and die cut hole windowSlipcase double wall construction dvd size amaray casesSlipcase set with spiral bound notebookSLipcase leather type material wrap cd dvd set

    Christian medis publication multidisc set

  • Custom Boxes - USBs, Books, Discs and Other Items

    USb drives are becoming increasingly popular for distribution. We make some special boxes with foam wells to hold them. We can make the boxes in any dimension to accommodate other items like books. Fold out sleeves are a poular add on in boxes.
    USB Box set packagingUSB Box Set Packaging Christian Ministry

  • Multi Disc CD and DVD Sets

    We can do any number of discs in a multi-disc set, as well as USBs. Include your sermons, your music, your performances, your documentaries...if you can master it, we can replicate it!

    Slipcase sets are great for multi-volume sets. Or a popular option is what we call a "Mega Tall" package. We can make these with clear plastic trays or foam hubs or trays, and (new!) even compressed paper trays. Did you want to do a special shape package, like a cross? No matter what your need is, we can manufacture it!
    Ministry disc packaging for multi cd and dvdDVD package for christian ministry

    Multi disc CD DVD package for ministries and churches
    Multi CD DVD replication package for ministries for christiansMulti disc set slipcase for ministries
    Slip case for multi disc ministry cd dvd replication packagingMulti disc dvd and cd set packaging and replicationUnique multi disc package for ministriesCD tray pack for christian musicCross shapped cd dvd tray pack

  • Custom Greeting Kit

    We have solutions for you, whether your focus is on unusual, creative packaging, or large or complicated sets, or high end, or budget conscious, or on light weight for distribution. We'll work with you! We enjoy coming up with solutions.

    Creative packaging can include special effects or paper stocks, die cuts, spot gloss, foils or metallics. There are so many ways to make your message stand out and get attention.

    Perhaps your title is intended for In-House use within your congregation, or perhaps you need to mail these out, or perhaps commute time is the goal. We have suggestions!

    Do you need to include special items like stickers, flyers, letters, envelopes, rsvp cards, reply cards, postcards, download cards, key chains, or usb drives? Not a problem- we can think outside the box! Larger perfect bound books, or smaller booklets are all options too.

    Your Project Coordinator will work with you to create the perfect packaging for your CD or DVD title. We custom manufacture these packages to fit your needs.Church house CD DVD pack 3dHouse shapped packaging for cd and dvd replicationUnique DVD and CD package for christian musicCD tray pack for replication

  • Full Impact Printing - using PIPS

    When your disc packaging needs to convey a consistent artistic impression throughout, you need PIPS. What is PIPS? PIPS stands for Printed Inside Pockets & Spines. (Our other term for this is RIP= Reverse Inside Printing, but it's a bit morbid-sounding for some folks. Oh, and we did think of LIPS — Lovely Inside Pockets & Spines — but happily PIPS won out.)

    When we print the reverse side of the paper, you get a continuous coverage across the inside spines of the package and inside pockets — there is no white, glaring spine to interrupt that flow (which in our opinion is like having your slip showing...or maybe that's fashionable now? Maybe not.) Don't break the feel of the packaging. If you are trying to convey a vibrant image, you don't want a white break. If your art needs to reach across the panels, why interrupt it? Let us help you set this up, it's a powerful feature and helps keep that artistic feel.

    Traypaks come with PIPS, by the way, but it's an extra feature on jackets. Talk to a project coordinator to get this feature. Multi disc package with printed spines PIPS

Unique CD and DVD pack for ministry
cd dvd replication usb video manufacturing

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