Disc Printing

  • 5C Offset Printing on Disc - See and Feel the Difference

    Full color or 5C means CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and blacK), plus a white ink undercoat. Remember, on silver discs, silver is free (and shiny, use a matte silver if you don't want to use the disc silver). Think about your art over white, and your art on silver, think about knockouts. You can go more than 5C if you choose, for example you may want to do 5C + a finish, replace the white undercoat with a Pantone(R) color, or add a 6th color. However, this is something that you really want to talk to our graphics staff about. We have done test discs for clients with finish, 6C and even 7C, but the client often will ultimately end up going with our suggestions to make it 5C. So talk to us before you set up the art for more than 5C. You might find you'll get more bang for the buck by adding a varnish to the disc.

    Many replication companies only provide you with 3C (up to three colors on the disc) and silkscreen method. The idea is to charge you more when the art comes in. You make your decision based on the low per unit cost, and then get hit with extra color and offset printing set up charges.

    We don't care to do that! We like to help make sure projects done with us look very sharp, so we provide you with full color printing, and the best method for your art - and no extra charges. Our philosophy is to provide you with everything you need to make a quality project, included in the cost.

    For a vintage look, try a vinyl LP style disc..

  • Silkscreen vs. Offset Printing on Discs

    Offset printing is absolutely gorgeous for art that has a photographic quality! Ever seen discs that are grainy with great big half tone dots? Those were probably silkscreen discs. Now you know better! There is a time where silkscreen is necessary and works best—for example, line art with sharp definition between colors, especially spot color. We'll help you decide the best method, it's still your choice ultimately.

  • Spot Varnish / Matte on Disc

    To get that rich, matte finish on your disc that looks so sleek and modern, use a varnish on the disc.
    disc spot varnish matte printing disc face cd dvd special effect

  • Specialty Disc Printing - Clear Substrate CDs

    clear substrate cd
    clear substrate cd

    Normally a full-size (12cm) disc will be metallized out to the edge. It's possible, though, to have a full size disc metalized only out to the mini disc size (8 cm), leaving the remainder of the disc metal-free. We call it "clear substrate." If you have a title that really doesn't require a that much data, but you'd like the full 12cm "canvas" for your disc art , consider clear substrate. With clear substrate, you can leave transparent areas in your art

  • Print To Center of Disc (No Donut!), Sputtering Options

    Other popular replicators will only print your disc to the stacking ring, leaving a large hole in the center—we call this a donut hole. With Megalodon, you have the option of printing to 20mm from the exact center of the disc (closest to center in the industry). This will cover the stacking ring with print, giving your disc a very professional look. No more donut holes!

    We can provide both standard sputtering and wide sputtering discs. Discs with standard sputtering have a translucent appearance from the stacking ring inward to the center, while wide sputtering discs have the extra silver lining going all the way to the center—no translucent print.

  • Disc Serialization Available for Limited Edition or Product Code

    Disc Serialization - printing serial numbers or keycodes on CDs and DVDs
    Serialized discs

    Disc serialization
    puts a unique serial number or code on each individual disc.



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