Custom Digipaks - Unique Digi Tray CD DVD Packaging


Custom Digipaks - Unique diecuts
Special trays (paper + foam), slipcases, boxes, books

You weren't really thinking of doing a boring plastic case, were you? Take a look at some of the digipak titles we've made and give it a go for your title. You'll never go back!

  • Custom Digipak Photos

    custom digipak die cut window in front panelcustom digipak packaging die cut window over bookletcustom digipaks die cut packaging cut outscustom die digipaks cd dvd packagingCustom Digipaks multidisc 3dvd paper traysCustom digipak set die cut lettering cut out slipcasecustom die cut digipak slipcase lettering cut outcustom digipak die cut lettering slipcase spot glosscustom digipak die cut slipcase 8pp two traycustom digipak cross shaped digipak unusual fold
    custom digipak uncoated paper packaging recycled stockcustom digipak die cut window
    custom digipak paper tray flip book slipcase setcustom leather wrapped digipak boxCustom Digipak Box set in slipcase leatherette wrapcustom digipak set leather wrapped box
    custom multidisc digipak set slipcase box series

  • Custom Digipaks - Popular Heights: 5", 7", 10"

    Digipaks are usually made revolving around the tray size. Trays come in 5" and 7" sizes.
    What are some of the variations we can do on these? Say we start with a 5inch clear, plastic tray. Let's put it on folder that we make out of fiberboard stock, and add a special die cut window, or do some hot foil stamping. Or how about we make one with a paper tray to hold the disc? Or what if we go with a 7inch tray and turn it sideways, and add a special pocket and slipcase? Oh yes, we're having fun now. See any part numbers here? Us either. But we need to start with some kind of nomenclature so we can make a spec for your title, so let's start with height......

    Popular Digipak Heights: 5" 7", 10"

    5Inch / Midheight Digipaks are generally made using a 5inch tray, clear plastic. A



    7Inch / Tall digipaks are frequently used for software, promos, and films. These are roughly the same height as the plastic amaray cases but much, much nicer! Again, 4-panel to 12pp configurations are possible with the same types of options for booklet, pockets, slots, etc. Slipcases are a very popular add-on with these!

    custom digipak riveted card set booklet digi matte lamination foil stamp diagonal pocket custom digipak dvd digi packaging spot gloss embossing business card slot diagonal literature pocket custom digipak tall dvd digi packaging spot gloss UV matte lamination custom digipak dvd uncoated matte paper 6pp tall digi packaging custom digipak slipcase set tall dvd digi matte lamination spot UV foil custom digipak fiberboard paper tall digi recycled

    See more Tall Digi's at : Tall (7 inch) Digipaks


    MegaTall 10Inch Digipaks are another variation that's perfect for 2 to 12 disc sets. We make them with 5 inch trays, only we place them 2-up per panel (one on top of another vertically) so you have a very tall package (about 10 inch)...fantastic for retail presence! If you have an odd number of discs, don't worry, we can make a special foam core panel for the odd disc out.
    custom cd dvd 3disc digipak digi packaging mega tallbifoldcustom cd dvd mega tall digipak digi packaging slipcase diagonal pocket literature pampletcustom cd dvd digipak mega tall digi packaging dicut slipcasePhoto of  4 dvdr set, 4 clear trays in 6pp mega tall configuration with slipcasecustom cd dvd 9 disc digipak digi packaging box set workbook slipcase
    More: MegaTall digipaks(10 inch)

    MegaMegaTall? We have yet to make a Mega Mega Tall digipak with two 7-inch trays stacked on one panel, but if you're interested, let us know....custom-r-us!

  • Digipaks with Paper Trays, 100 % Recycled Paper + Cork Hub

    Looking for a plastic free alternative? We can make a Digipak with a paper tray for you. These are very eco friendly, made with 100% recycled paper and the have a cork hub in the middle.
    Special Eco Friendly Paper Stocks- Eco Digipaks

    And if you didn't want to do the clear plastic tray, we can do black or white plastic. We also have a very nifty paper tray made out of 100% recycled paper, compressed, with a cork hub. Paper tray:
    digipak paper tray recycled paper cork hub
    custom digipak recycled paper traybu.custom digipak paper tray plastic free
    eco digipak paper tray recycled paper cork hub

    See more examples at: Eco Digipaks with all natural paper trays,
    100% recycled content, cork hub


  • Digipaks with Foam Trays - Perfect for Retail Items

    Foam trays are a great solution if you have a disc and something like a usb, a book, or another kind of retail items that you want cushioned.

    custom digipak foam tray disc and two usb drives
    foam tray digipak dvd disc and usb drives custom packagingfoam digipak usb dongle wells dvd digipakfoam digipak dvd usb drives booklet tall dvd digi

    See more examples at: Foam Trays, customized any size or shape
    And USB Packaging

  • Widescreen Digipaks - aka Elongated, Landscape, Sideways, Horizontal Tray

    Trays can be turned sideways for a WIDESCREEN digipak

    Here are 7inch trays turned sideways....
    custom digipak widesreen landscapedigipak long elongated sideways tray silver foil stamping
    More: WideScreen, Elongated digipaks
    Especially popular with our Demo Film Reels and Independent Films clients!

    Booklets can go in the same elongated configuration or we can alter the size of the booklet. Slipcases can also be made to fit the sideways configuration.
    landscape digipak sideways long
    wide digipak bookletwide digipak slipcase set long

    And in case you wondered, we can do this on the midheight digipaks (no, the trays actually are not square, did you know that?). Here's a 5inch tray turned sideways...
    digipak widescreen 5inch tray horizontal


  • Cross Digipaks, Plus Shape Digipaks

    Generally trays are placed in a horizontal row, but if you want to make an alternate folding configuration, we can make "plus" or "cross" shapes quite easily, or "X" or "T" or "L" shapes as well...think we could make a circle? That would be fun... "O" beckons. Give our graphics guys a work out. Come see what a beautiful cross package we did.
    cross digipak custom 4disc setcustom digipak cross plus shapecustom cross shaped digipak plus shape 4disc set
    See More Examples at: Cross Shape and Other Folding Configurations

  • Multi-Disc Digipaks & Slipcase Sets

    We do LOTS and LOTS of multi-disc titles... and keep in mind most of these started out as custom packaging sets so feel free to let your creativity run wild with alteration ideas!

    Here's a direct link to our general page dedicated entirely to multi disc sets: Multi disc set packaging.

    Below are some options especially for 2 disc sets. The clear tray allows your art to show through, also allowing you to align your disc with the art on the panel. Direct Link to our 2 disc digipak page: 2-Disc digipak CD DVD packaging options...

    double disc digipak 2CD set digipak 2cd set double disc Digipak 2dvd slipcase set 6pp tall Digi packaging 8pp digipak 2cd set booklet glued custom cd digipaks 8pp 2cd volumes in slipcase set custom cd dvd digipaks multi disc set volumes slipcase custom digipak fiberboard spot uv 2 trays 8pp fiberboard digipak 6pp digipak 2cd booklet in slot pocket custom digipaks digi 2 dvd disc tall trifold packaging spot uv matte lamination diagonal pocket booklet
  • Slipcases for Digipaks

    As you've seen with many of these titles, Slipcases are very popular add-ons with Digipaks and are available in midheight, tall or megatall sizes, with our without thumbhole notches (and yes, even custom shape thumbholes in case you have custom thumbs?), side loading, top or bottom loading, pass through tubes style or double walled box sets. It's very common to put effects on the slipcase itself such as embossing, foil stamp , or a peek-a-boo die cut window.
    fiberboard digipak slipcase setcustom die cut  digipak slipcase circle windowcustom digipaks 3 volume set 6 disc slipcase set
    More: Slipcase Box Sets
    Slideshow of Multi Disc Set Options

  • Full Color Printing,
    Including Printed Inner Pockets & Spines (PIPS)

    One of our signature features on a digipak is the use of PIPS, or Printed Inside Pockets and Spines. digipaks are made by printing one side of the paper stock and folding over the panels, therefore they are printed inside and out. But when you print the reverse side of the paper, as we do, you have full color inside and out, plus the behind the scene bits that would show like the inner spines and pocket backs.

    Digipak full color 4C inside spines 6pp digipak 1 cdcustom digipak uncoated 6pp digi pak booklet cover in pocketcustom digipak embossing spot gloss matte laminationTall Digipak Slipcase set 4C full color 2discFull color Tall Digipak Slipcase set 6pp 2 disccustom digipak reverse side printing 4C glued booklet and literature slot

    PIPS gives you a full impact art coverage; art that reaches from one side to another and is not interrupted by glaring white spines or pockets. It's the most powerful feature we can include on a project to give it a quality /WOW look, and so we do. Free of charge on digipaks All you need do is put it in the art - or ask us to help.

  • Booklets in Tube, Slit, or Diagonal Pockets
    Glued on Booklets

    Booklets can be added to digipaks in many ways; pockets, gluing or companion style.
    Standard pockets for us include a large variety of style, but the most popular are the tube style, and the slot / slit types, like this:
    Photo of Mike Nesmith CD, 4pp digipak, slot pocket, booklet, full color reverse inside printingImage of CD in 4pp digipak packaging, fiberboard paper stock, tube pocket for bookletImage of cd in 4pp tray pak packaging, tube pocketphoto of sts9 cd, fiberboard paper stock, tube pocketImage of 2 dvd disc in 4pp tall digipak packaging, white stock, spot UV gloss, dvd magazineImage of dvd in 4pp tall digipak, slot pocket and insert, silver metallic inkPhoto of Shilo dvd in 4pp tall tray pak packaging, red foilImage of cd packging, 6pp tray pack, midheight size, tube pocket, printed inside spines
    If we don't have the die, we can make it. Curved pockets and special cut outs are not a problem:
    Image of custom die cut pocket, cd jacketimage of custom die cut thumbhole on disc packagingPhoto of cd digipak with custom die cut window in shape of window
    Another type of pocket, called a diagonal literature pocket is created a bit differently (by folding over a whole 'nother panel) and does cost a bit more to make, but it's very popular.
    Image of dvds in 6pp tall tray pak packaging, 2 clear trays, diagonal literature pocket, matte laminationImage of cd invitation, 6pp digipak with glued booklet, literature pocket with rsvp and envelope Photo of cd in uncoated stock digipak, matte paper booklet poster, diagonal pocket
    Photo of disc with 4pp tall tray pak, custom cut literature pocketPhoto of dvd in 4pp tall digipak packaging, diagonal pocket for bookletPhoto of dvd film reel in tall dvd pacakging with diagonal literature pocket, stationary, business cards

    One further option we can do is to glue a paper pocket on. If you want to avoid the whole pocket thing, consider gluing the booklet directly to the digipak, or just slipping the booklet alongside, inside a slipcase (a companion booklet). If you have a very thick booklet (or book) we can do a perfect binding for it (perfect bound books).
    Photo - uncoated stock booklet, mattePhoto of cd with uncoated, matte stock in 4pp digipak, glued on bookletPhoto of slipcase set, tall digipak and perfect bound bookletPhoto of slipcase set, companion booklet perfect boundPhoto showing booklet in center, glued sleeve, swingingPhoto of 4pp digipak with glued on booklet, book tray pakPhoto of dvd in tall digipak with glued bookletPhoto of elongated perfect bound bookElongated digipak, slipcase set, perfect bound companion booklet


  • Customizable Paper Stocks & Finishes
    Truly Eco Recycled, Uncoated, Fiberboard, etc.

    digipaks can be made with all kinds of Paper Stocks...yet another way you can stand out.

    Our Standard Stock (contains 20% recycled content) is a nice sturdy stock, well suited for effects like embossing. We have this available coated or uncoated. If you haven't seen the result of an uncoated stock printed, you should request a sample. It's a beautiful soft, matte look and can be strikingly modern and fresh. The stock is slightly more absorbent and so does have some effect on color (but it's a good one!).

    Our Truly Eco Stock (contains a whopping 70-80% recycled content, post consumer waste) is a bit softer, but oh so nice on the environment. Also available coated or uncoated. We can also order 100% recycled, but this does get very soft and we caution against it unless you are very sure!
    custom digipak uncoated matte paper
    More: Eco-Friendly digipaks

    Extra thick stocks are available as well!

    Fiberboard stock, using end of chain material / unbleached pulp, is another very eco -friendly option. It's a nice fuzzy texture, and very organic in color scheme. We print this full color for you, and if you need white on this (best if we can see your art to help guide you) let us know and we can do 1 or 2 hits of spot white.
    custom digipak fiberboard paper black ink printing
    More: Fiberboard Stock digipaks

    Booklet stocks are available in different thickness, stocks, and coatings. We'll help guide you on availability & suitability for your project.

    Special finishes should be used in conjunction with the paper stocks. We can do aqueous varnishes (matte or glossy) or more pronounced laminations (matte or glossy).

    More eco options? Well, yes actually. Besides our FSC paper stocks, we have soy inks, recycled clear, plastic trays, and we are also making foam trays, paper trays, eco friendly finishes, and non toxic polywrap or tab seals.

  • Special Effects Available - Diecuts,
    Foils, Embossing, Spot Gloss, etc.

    Check out our range of special effects! If custom configurations and paper stocks and finishes and booklet options aren't enough, you can also play with various effects.
    Art Department: How to Set up Special Printing Effects & Examples
    Slideshow of Special Effects Printing - Bling!

    Diecuts (knock outs) are available for special shapes or designs. You might want a guitar thumbhole like one of our clients did, or a window or window pane, or perhaps a peek-a-boo hole or lettering cut outs...the possibilities are endless.

    Foil stamp is one of this season's hottest trends, available in silver, gold, or any range of colors. Silver on fiberboard is very happening, and red dots are way-chic and eye-popping. Blue foil is very sophisticated and has no limits of impressibility-factor.
    custom digipak silver foil stamping on fiberboard custom digipak red foil stamping matte laminationcustom digipak foil stamping on slipcasecustom digipak with foil 7inch wide versioncustom digipak dvd gold foil stamping spot gloss embossingcustom digipak with bronze foil stamping and embossing

    If you're not looking for shiny, metallic inks are what you want. These are matte, like Apple's silver / tin, or a flat copper or gold.
    custom digipak metallic silver ink printingdigipak  silver metallic ink printing apple lookcustom digipak copper metallic ink printing

    Embossing (raised relief) is very popular for the title or artist name. If you need a subtle indentation, we can do debossing. Oh, the textures you can make!
    custom digipak embossing spot gloss gold foil stampingcustom digipak spot UV gloss and matte lamination - special printing effects on cd packagingcustom digipak spot gloss embossed printingcustom digipak debossing and spot gloss on cd printed packagingcustom digipaks individual names spot uv and matte lamination
    See more examples and instruction on how to set up embossing or debossing on cd or dvd printed packaging


    Spot UV Gloss combined with Matte Lamination is a fantastic contrast technique, also textured.
    custom digipak spot UV gloss matte lamination printingcustom cd digipak spot UV gloss matte lamination creative cd packagingcustom digipak Close up photo of spot gloss matte lamination on dvd packaging - dvd film reel effects
    Matte Lamination by itself is a soft, beautiful touch-me look. Or we can make it so shiny with Gloss Lamination you'll never get the fingerprints off. GlassPlus not included :)
    custom digipak matte lamination slipcase setmatte digipak custom dvd packagingDigipak matte lamination and spot gloss on dvd film packaging
    custom digipak set gloss lamination