Vintage CD LP Album Cover Packaging

Chipboard Core, Book Binding, Laminated Wrap Vinyl Record Style

  • Examples of Vintage Chipboard Core CD LP Album Packaging
    Like the old vinyl record albums, only 5inch disc size

    vintage cd LP packagingvintage CD LP packaging thick stock book bindingvintage CD LP album
    CD LP Album Cover Packaging chipboard coreVintage CD Album Cover chipboard coreCD LP Packaging Laminated Wrap Chipboard CoreCD LP Packaging Spine Chipboard coreCD Album Packaging Thick chipboard core laminated wrapCD album packaging vintage LP styleLP packaging for CDs vintage style with thick chipboard corethick spine on cd album LP packaging chipboard core thick stock

  • Albums Made with Book Binding Construction, Heavy Chipboard Stock Packaging

    We use a very heavy, thick stock on the inside called chipboard, or greyboard. This is very thick material, exactly the same as what's used in a hardbound book. The material is then wrapped with a 4C printed paper (thinner stock, about 150 gsm) which is glued to the material and laminated (matte or gloss lamination). This gives you the CD LP style platform. Notice the thin border around the LP. Just like authentic albums, and the reason is the method of construction...the book binding!

    book binding construction laminated wrap
  • Oversized, Square LPs- Simulate Record Album Shape Packaging

    Instead of being the typical rectangular shape that cd jackets are normally in, we make the albums the same square shape as the full 12inch size larger ones. Overall it's about 5 1/4 inches square. It's like a little bitty record!

  • LP Album Outward Facing Pockets for Disc & Booklet (or Double Album)

    This LP has two pockets; one used for the disc and one used for the booklet. The pockets are definitely an integral part of the construction method. Should you wish to do this as a double album with a cd in each side, it is exactly the same die.

    4pp, booklet, hardcover, Matte Lamination, miniLP, spine, AndrewSong4 4pp miniLP 2pkt bookbind chipboard matte lamination cd booklet
    CD LP Album Packaging
    bookbinding Construction with Matte Lamination Wrap
    Chipboard Core Thick Stock
    2 pockets for Disc/Inner Sleeve & Booklet
  • Unprinted Inner Sleeves - Uncoated White, Black, Parchment Kraft, Colors
    Special Size

    Inner Sleeves are available in uncoated white, black, kraft, and various solid colors. Also available printed 1C or 4C.
    Inner Sleeve white uncoated solid
    cd inner sleeve for jacketinner sleeve white for oversized cd LP Album
    black inner sleeve CD LP packaging
    kraft paper inner sleeve CD Jacket Packagingcream color inner sleeve for cd jacket LP

  • Printed Inner Sleeves - 1C or 4C

    Inner Sleeves can be unprinted solid colors or printed 1C black ink or 4C full color ink. Sizing is often custom made to fit the type of LP or jacket. Here are examples of printed sleeves:
    inner sleeve cd LP 1C printedprinted inner sleeve for cd jacketInner sleeve cd jacket printed 1C black and white artprinted inner sleeve cd jacket4C printed inner sleeve for cd jacket1C printed inner sleeve b&w artinner sleeve 1C printingPrinted Inner sleeve cd LP packaginguncoated inner sleeve for cd packaging

  • Add an OBI Strip or Resealable Poly Bag

    Popular with Japanese LPs- OBI strips and poly bags OBI strip on cd LP japanese styleobi strip for cd LP jacket packagingpoly bag for cd LP japanese style

  • Vintage Retro Style Vinyl Discs - Grooved Record Look

    We can provide the vinyl mask for you to achieve the vinyl look on your disc:LP Vinyl Style CD grooved lookVintage LP with vinyl discvinyl disc retro vintage with grooved lookvintage retro LP with vinyl discvinyl look cd disc face grooved lookretro style disc art vinyl cd look

  • Swinging Sleeves, Glued Sleeves, Hubs, Trays - Jackets or CD Books
    Alternate options to the LP Style Albums

    Discs typically go in outward facing pockets on LPs, but there are of course many other options here at Megalodon. We can use a swinging sleeve, a glued on sleeve, hubs, or trays to hold the disc, and we can use these types of features in hardbound books (chipboard core) or in jackets (15/16pt - 21pt paper stock). Here are a few examples:
    swinging sleeve cd jacket album packagingswinging sleeve in cd jacket packagingcd books swinging sleeve with holeswinging sleeve in dvd digibook packagingswinging sleeve in cd book black kraft paper fabric wrap
    See also: CD Books with Swinging Sleeves

  • CD Books with Trays

    Hardbound CD Books with trays...
    CD book with tray red foilcd book with tays and perfect bound booklet
    CD Books
    CD Books 2 Disc Sets

  • CD Books with Glued on Sleeves

    Hardbound CD books with a glued on sleeve. a popular choice for the material is black kraft paper, but it can also be printed card stock.
    CD Book with glued on sleevecd book with glued on sleeveglued on sleeve close up in cd book packaging
    CD Books with Glued on Sleeves

  • CD Books with Hubs

    Hubs are another fun option. Available black or white foam, or book with hub and bookletcd book packaging with hubs

    CD Books with Hubs

  • Matte Matte Matte! - Lamination, Uncoated Stock, Matte Aqueous

    Did you notice that everything tends to be matte on an LP? Matte Lamination on the LP itself. Disc Inner Sleeve - Matte Uncoated Paper Stock Booklet- matte aqueous finish. Booklets can also be done on uncoated stock paper, but we need to review your art to see if it is a good fit. Sometimes it is better, as in this case, to use coated paper and apply a matte aqueous finish. Let us guide you.)

4pp, booklet, hardcover, Matte Lamination, miniLP, spine, AndrewSong1 4pp miniLP 2pkt bookbind chipboard matte lamination cd booklet
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