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Sometimes it's helpful to see what other companies have done. If you are looking for examples of certain Styles, this page may help.

Interested in Retro? Vintage? Whimsical?
Dark & Spooky Halloween or Gothic?
Special Printing Effects & Bling?
Limited Edition / Collector's?
Custom Dies and Shapes?
How about Everything Eco?
Solutions for MultiDisc Sets?

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Looking for a certain style
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CD and DVD replication and packaging

Template Creation
Templates are created and sent out when an order is officially placed and the job is set up. Custom Dies take us a little longer.

Disc Manufacturing & Packaging

Disc replication projects include CD or DVD glass master manufacturing, full color disc printing, packaging, assembly, and shipping. Projects do not have overrun charges. Printed packaging is generally full color/cmyk unless special pantone inks are being used.

Test Disc & Color Matchprint — Proofing starts with pdf softproofs and progresses to hardcopy proofsets with a glass mastered test disc and color matchprint.
Additional options: Unprinted Mockups and Press Proofs. Be sure to check out our proofing process page!

If you need a small quantity order of packaging only, you might check out our Surplus Unprinted Packaging Page

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