Featured Project: Moondrops Double CD / Book

  • 2-Disc digipak with Built-In Perfect Bound Book

    Michelle Dumond had two CDs worth of great music, and a book full of great poetry. She wanted them both to live in one package, with the same dimensions as a standard digipak or jewelcase.

    The resulting package is truly stunning, with a full-color, perfect-bound book, permanently bound into the double tray package.

    Matte lamination and extra heavy construction on the cover give this package a really substantial feel.

  • Project Specification

    • DISC = 2 CD SET
      Disc Art Notes:
      • Disc Color: CMYK + white
      • White Basecoat: flood white
    • PRINTED DVD PACKAGING = 4pp digipak, two clear trays, booklet glued to inner spine
      • 15 pt/300 gsm (sandwiched with 200 gsm book anchoring cover), for a total of about 40pt
      • Colors:4C + inside printing (PIPS)
    • INNER PACKAGING = 48pp (+ 2x covers) booklet PERFECT BOUND
      • Covers: 200 gsm, Coated 1 Side (C1S)
        Inner Pages: 150 gsm, C2S
      • Colors: 4c/4c pages, 4c/0c covers
    • Assembly notes
      • Glue the outer book cover between the outer and inner panels of the front and back covers, leaving the spine free
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