CD Shape Capacity Chart and Design Guide

Here are some guidelines for creation of custom shape CDs and business card style CDs.
  • Discs must be balanced

    Whatever the shape, the disc must be perfectly balanced. An unbalanced design will either not play at all or play very poorly, and it could even damage your drive (or worse yet, your customers' drives!)

  • Discs need a way to sit in the drive

    Two or more areas on the disc should fall along one of the two standard CD diameters, 8cm and 12cm. Generally, the fewer areas the wider the line of contact you'll want along the outer edge.

    Note, also, that disc loading trays often have a slot which allows it to clear the internal mechanism. If a disc falls or tilts into that slot as the disc is loading, the disc, the drive, or both could be damaged. Shapes should be considered with that in mind.

  • A note about compatability

    Shaped CDs and DVDs should be played only using tray-loading drives -- preferably drives which allow the user to place the disc directly onto the spindle. In the case of tray loaders which place the disc onto the spindle inside the drive, these should be used with caution.

    Using shape DVDs and CDs is not without risk. Megalodon can manufacture shaped CDs and shaped DVDs, but we cannot guarantee that a particular shaped disc will play in a given player. Megalodon cannot be held liable should a shaped disc fail to play or should a shaped disc be damaged or damage a drive. You choose this option at your own risk. A safe alternative to the shaped CD or DVD is the clear substrate CD or DVD.

  • For more information...

    We've provided this guide to help you determine the shape that's best for your application. Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions!


Diagram showing data capacity vs disc size

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