Unprinted Fiberboard Tall Digipaks CD / DVD
Surplus Blank Disc Packaging, Small Quantity Limited Availability

  • Unprinted Digipaks, Tall DVD Packaging - Fiberboard or White Stock

    Sometimes when we make a project, we print off extra blank copies of the packaging. These are unprinted packages, ready for you to use in whatever way you'd like. You can print them if you have that ability or apply stickers or use as-is.

    Unprinted Fiberboard Tall Digipak Packaging
    Unprinted Fiberboard 4pp Tall digipak

    unprinted dvd digipaks tall disc packaging with tray Tall unprinted fiberboard dvd digipak packagingFiberboard digipak unprinted packagingUnprinted Digipak DVD height packaging with trayunprinted digipak dvd packaging two disc traysUnprinted Fiberboard Digipak dvd height

  • Unprinted FIberboard Jackets

    Sometimes we have jackets as well. Consider putting a printed sticker on them as TED did.
    unprinted fiberboard jacket with windowUnprinted Fiberboard Jacket with stickerUnprinted fiberboard jacket packaging with sticker

  • Available on a first come first serve basis

    These are surplus items and available only while supplies last, quantities 20+
    Shipped on your Fed Ex or UPS account

    Fiberboard CD / DVD Packaging Unprinted
    Unprinted CD / DVD Packaging
    Unprinted Fiberboard Tall digipaks
  • Different Dies

    Fiberboard Jacket Die Cut Window CD / DVD Packaging
    Die Cut Window CD / DVD Jacket Fiberboard Stock

  • Different Paper Stocks

    Unprinted CD / DVD Packaging with 7 inch tray
    Unprinted Tall digipak CD / DVD Packaging



Unprinted CD / DVD Packaging
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