Perfect Bound Books, Spiral Notebooks


Instruction Manuals, Workbooks, Photo Pages in CD DVD Packaging

If you have a large number of book pages (28pp or more), consider doing a perfect bound book to give the booklet a finished spine.

  • So what exactly is perfect binding on a book?

    Perfect binding is a type of bookbinding that is especially suited for larger books, or for books that need a more finished, square-backed, look. Paperback novels and fancier magazines such as National Geographic are examples perfect binding.

    At Megalodon, you can get perfect bound books in just about any height or width. We've produced books as little as this:

    perfect bound flipbook note book with vellum pages
    Perfect bound spine on flip book notebook in dvd pacakging
    2" animation flip book, with fiberboard covers and Vellum pages. Pixar story artist, director, animator and independent filmmaker

    …and as big as this:

    Large perfect bound book, dvd fil reel packaging
    perfect bound book
    Inside - 4C Printing

    You do need to have a certain thickness to make the spine work though, and that magic number is about 28 pages.
  • How are perfect bound books made?

    The pages of the book are arranged into groups of (usually) 16 panels each, called signatures. These are assembled into a block, then the spines of the signatures in the block are cut or ground off. The cut inner edges are then glued to form a flat spine. The covers (usually a heavier paper) are then glued around the page block.

    perfect bound book spine closeup, Matte Lamination, perfect binding, uncoated
    perfect bound book closeup,
    Matte Lamination, 4C Printing on uncoated Paper Stock

  • CD and DVD Books, Hardcover, Chipboard Core 4C Wrap and Inner Page Booklets

    Perfect bound books find their way into several types of packaging. One popular option is to glue the booklet into a standard disc package, usually a digipak, to create a CD Book (or DVD book!) Notice that the books in these packages are a little wider and taller than traditional disc packaging.

    CD Book, hardcover book binding with perfect bound book inner pages, gold foil, matte lamination, tray
    cd book packaging, hardbound with perfect binding inner pages
    CD Book
    Gold Foil, Lamination
    cd book packaging with perfect bound book inner pages and chipboard core, gold foil
    CD Book
    Hardcover Chipboard
    cd book with perfect bound booklet closeup
    CD Book
    Perfect Bound Booklet
    Double CD set with 44pp perfect bound booklet glued inside, heavy stock, coated side in
    Perfect Bound book spine attachment
  • Companion Books in CD or DVD Packaging

    This is another exciting addition. Great for librettos, manuals, workbooks. We call them "companion" books because they accompany other packaging—usually housed in a CD or DVD slipcase.

    Companion Book in DVD Slipcase Set, Tall digipak + Notebook + Slipcase
    Perfect Bound Notebook in DVD Set Packaging, companion book in slipcase
    perfect bound book and tray pack in DVD Slipcase set Packaging
    multi disc dvd digipak boxed set, 4disc, slipcase and perfect bound book
    Elongated DVD Packaging with perfect bound book & digipak in slipcase set, sideways landscape orientation
  • Notebooks and Workbooks for Writing in

    We can do this! We will need to use a special uncoated paper stock for the pencil or ink will adhere and not slide off. workbooks with cd dvd sets

  • Spiral Wire Bound Books, Notebooks, or Manuals in CD DVD Packaging

    A great option for smaller books is wire binding—more commonly known as spiral binding (even when it isn't actually a spiral!). Spiral or not, It's a great look that can be used in a DVD or CD book or as a companion book:

    slip case cd box set 4disc, vinyl leaterette slipcase with debossing, 3 digipaks and one spiral wire bound notebook
    Slip case box set
    embossed vinyl wrap, chipboard core
    Fabric wrapped slipcase set, multi disc packaging with digipaks and a spiral bound notebook with sleeve for disc
    Spiral wire bound book with disc pocket
    spiral wire bound booklet with disc pocket, wire binding, wire bound disc booklet
    wire bound book disc pocket
    Spiral printed notebook, spiral binding book with dvd, wire binding spiral wire bound book with cd, spiral bound with spiral booletSpiral companion booklet, disc printing and packaging
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